In ANTU LOGISTICS we offer you a first class service, which will help you to keep all the messaging of your company up-to-date. Fast, reliable, safe and economic service.

Among the services included in this service are:

  • Monthly Messaging Packages, is designed for companies that handle a monthly messaging volume (from 30 messaging per month).
  • This service is divided into 3 packages: $ 30.00, $ 60.00 and $ 100.00 (Depending on the volume of the message, route and distance, some restrictions apply).
  • Eventual Messaging, It is intended for those companies that require sporadic or temporary service.
  • Massive Messaging, This option is designed for Companies that handle an important volume of messaging per day; whether they need to distribute invitations, magazines, bill invoices, flyers, etc.

What do we do for you ?

  • Delivery and removal of stationery (letters, documents and envelopes)
  • Delivery of Statements and Invoices
  • Collections
  • Deposits and bank forms
  • Payment of bills and services
  • Payment of taxes and CSS
  • Procedures to public entities (Ministries, Municipality, etc.)
  • Delivery and withdrawal of boxes
  • Light heavy cargo transport
  • Messaging by car (when it is a messenger that can not be done on a motorcycle)
  • Distribution of invitations, magazines, etc.
  • Home delivery from restaurants and supermarkets

To determine costs and capacities, please email to